Within an hour, the company lost about $ 10 billion. Dollars of market capitalization.

Shares on LinkedIn apparently experiencing its worst day. The dominant online platform for professionals and specialists in human resources erased with one stroke over 40% of its market capitalization. Shares of network went down at the beginning of the trading session on Wall Street with about 41% to 112 dollars per share.

At the close of the market on Thursday price was 192.28 dollars per share, giving the company a market capitalization of 25 billion. Dollars. To Thursday on LinkedIn shares had already lost 15 percent this year, but a year ago the shares were worth still $ 270 per share, calculated Bloomberg.

This is the most serious downturn for the shares of this company, wiping about 10 billion. Dollars from its market capitalization. On Thursday, the company announced that it expects net earnings per share for the first quarter amounted to 0.55 dollars per share, but analysts had expected 0.75 dollars per share, transmits more Bloomberg.

The company expects annual revenue of 3.6 billion. To 3.65 bln. Dollars, but market expectations were for 3.9 bln. Dollars.

LinkedIn reported revenue of EUR 861.9 million. Dollars for the fourth quarter, with a loss of 0.06 dollars per share, or 8.4 million. Dollars. Nervousness shareholders can understand better yet, if we look at the whole year. The loss for 2015 amounted to 166 mln. USD compared to only 15.3 million. Dollars a year earlier.